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If you own a gun, then you know the enormous responsibility that has been given to you. It’s important to keep your guns locked up and stowed away. Regulating who has access to your guns such as children, visitors, friends, etc., is essential to gun safety. Unfortunately, accidents can occur when we are neglectful of the care and storage of firearms. This includes leaving them loaded, unlocked, and accessible to be mishandled. How we store our firearms is vital! 

Keeping your gun in a safe will prevent anyone who isn’t supposed to from obtaining your gun at all costs. That’s why at Sporting Arms, we sell nothing but the best products such as Liberty Safe. Liberty Safe is the number one brand for gun safes! 
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As America’s number one provider of heavy-duty gun safes, Liberty Safe provides sturdy and durable safes and will get the job done. Liberty Safe was founded on high-quality, original products, offering security and efficient storage capacity. 

If your gun safe ever experiences an attempted break-in or a fire, Liberty will repair or replace your safe for FREE! You know a product is great when the company is willing to stand behind it. Sporting Arms is a licensed dealer for Liberty Safe and carries more than 200 products from them. 

Stop by Sporting Arms today to browse our huge selection of guns, accessories, and Liberty Safe products! 
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